Blue Branch Highlight Why Customer Feedback is Important

Blue Branch insist that seeking customer feedback is essential to achieve business growth. By meeting consumers face-to-face, the outsourced event promotions firm establishes long-lasting relationships to maximise the customer experience and increase loyalty.


Blue Branch Ltd share their opinion on the use of emojis in marketing

Advances in technology have had a huge impact on how companies market their products and services; they have been forced to evolve and move with the times. The latest trend in marketing is the incorporation of emojis into advertisements with big brand such as McDonald’s, Pepsi, Ikea and the World Wildlife Fund playing up to […] Read more

Aug, 07, 2015



Blue Branch concerned by lack of entrepreneurial awareness from UK Government

Members of the Conservative and Labour parties were split last week with which policies to focus on to encourage entrepreneurship.  Blue Branch voices its concerns by the sheer lack of knowledge the Government has on the current entrepreneurship policies in place.