Blue Branch: business lessons to take away from Wonder Woman

Inspired by the recent box office smash hit Wonder Woman, Edinburgh-based event marketing specialists Blue Branch have revealed the business lessons they took from the film. 

Jun, 29, 2017


Blue Branch Forge New Business Connections at Newcastle Business Conference

On Sunday June 11th, Edinburgh-based event marketing specialists Blue Branch travelled to Newcastle to attend the Q2 leadership conference.

Jun, 14, 2017


Blue Branch Travel to London for 2017 Black Tie Awards Gala

On Saturday, May 20th, event-marketing specialists Blue Branch travelled to London to attend the Black Tie Awards Gala, the standout event in the sales and marketing calendar. 

May, 31, 2017



Blue Branch reveal the six elements for business success

The search term ‘how to be successful’ generates 748,000,00 results on Google. While millions of people around the world are questioning what it takes to be a success, Edinburgh-based event-marketing specialists, Blue Branch have revealed what they believe to be the necessary elements for business success.

May, 22, 2017


Blue Branch Reveal Transatlantic Travel Plans

Expansion into the USA has been one of the main objectives for Rania Noumaan, Managing Director at Blue Branch, since the entrepreneur and business owner travelled stateside in 2015 for a number of business engagements. 

May, 16, 2017


Master the art of conversation using Blue Branch’s top tips

The art of conversation is a vital skill for life and business success, claims event marketing specialists Blue Branch. Being able to converse with different types of people helps people to build a strong social circle and accumulate a diverse network. 

May, 04, 2017


Top Motivational Tips from Blue Branch Ltd’s MD Rania Noumaan

Motivation at the workplace is closely linked to productivity and business success. Outsourced event promotions company Blue Branch reveals their top five motivational tips.

Apr, 24, 2017


Blue Branch share their how to guide to building customer loyalty

The Edinburgh-based customer acquisition specialist, Blue Branch, is committed to putting customer care at the top of their agenda to build customer loyalty. The firm has spoken exclusively on how to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Blue Branch investigate report proclaiming Edinburgh among friendliest cities in Britain

Edinburgh-based event promotions company Blue Branch celebrated a recent report proclaiming that Edinburgh is among the friendliest cities in Britain. 

Apr, 03, 2017


Achieve Your Goals with Blue Branch Ltd. 5 Step Guide!

Innovative direct marketing company, Blue Branch Ltd. invests a significant amount of time into discovering new personal development strategies to help their contractors achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Mar, 23, 2017


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