Blue Branch Ltd Share Their How-To Guide for Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

“Nothing great ever happened inside a comfort zone,” claims Rania Noumaan of Blue Branch Ltd. The Edinburgh-based direct sales and marketing specialists have shared their how-to guide for getting out of your comfort zone.

Feb, 21, 2017


Want to retain top talent? Offer opportunity claims Blue Branch

Edinburgh-based event marketing specialists, Blue Branch have taken tremendous strides towards their growth goals for 2017, seeing a 66% increase in independent contractors representing their clients. They attribute this success to their development opportunities. 

Jan, 19, 2017


Blue Branch Plan Growth Strategy for 2017

Managing Director at Blue Branch, Rania Noumaan has announced the growth goals of the events promotions firm, revealing the primary focus being brand expansion. 

Jan, 11, 2017


Blue Branch review the top 5 motivational books to read in 2017

Event marketing specialists, Blue Branch maintain that there is a correlation between motivation and success, and here the firm have reviewed the top 5 motivational books every business person must read in 2017.

Jan, 10, 2017


Maintain a Positive Outlook Using the Blue Branch Attitude Toolkit

Managing Director at Blue Branch, Rania Noumaan is a firm believer that attitude is everything, and therefore, one of the first things the firm teaches their staff and contractors is how to maintain a positive attitude.

Blue Branch Breaks All-time Sales Record

With the New Year just around the corner, Edinburgh-based events promotions firm Blue Branch have been focusing on travel, and this has resulted in the firm breaking the all-time sales record for the month of December.

Blue Branch review Grant Cardone’s 7 tips for success

Events promotions company, Blue Branch recently hosted a workshop for their staff and contractors on Grant Cardone’s 7 tips for success.

Blue Branch: How to Bounce Back From Any Mistake made in Business

Edinburgh-based Event Promotions Company Blue Branch says mistakes are never as bad as they may seem. They are part of the journey and the beginning of something great.

Blue Branch travel to London to attend exclusive rising star event

At the weekend, Managing Director at Blue Branch, Rania Noumaan, along with two of the firm’s top performing contractors, travelled to London to attend an industry Rising Star Seminar.

Blue Branch preparing for a big Q4 following R&R Getaway in Tenerife

Following a four-day R&R getaway in Tenerife, event promotions specialists, Blue Branch are feeling rejuvenated and excited for a massive last financial quarter. On October 13th, Managing Director at Blue Branch Rania Noumaan was joined by administrator Rachel Couse and two of the firm’s top performing contractors, Caitlin Mallinson and Fidel Sanchez. The group flew […] Read more

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