Blue Branch reviews recent report suggesting brands must prioritise security to attract young buyers

After a recent report immerged on the back of a study carried out by Channel 4 and Starcom questioning over 1,100 16-24 year olds, it revealed that young consumers value security most. Edinburgh-based events promotions firm, Blue Branch are claiming brands must prioritise security to attract young buyers. 

Jul, 20, 2016


Why is the World in the Grips of a Productivity Decline? Blue Branch Investigates

After new reports suggest global workplace productivity is at its lowest rate for nearly three decades, Blue Branch have shared how they sustain high performance in the workplace.

Jul, 18, 2016


Blue Branch Ltd.: Are you ready for leadership?

Sales and marketing experts Blue Branch Ltd. Reviews 3 powerful signs that demonstrates a person is ready to take the lead in the business.

Jun, 29, 2016


Blue Branch Boost Their Networking Connections at Regional Conference

Edinburgh-based events promotions company Blue Branch attended a Regional Conference this month, and were thrilled at the opportunity to boost their networking connections further.

Jun, 24, 2016


Master the art of networking using the Blue Branch how to guide

Blue Branch outlines their top networking tips for young professionals in business.

Blue Branch reveals their beginner’s guide to motivation

Blue Branch, the Edinburgh-based firm highlights how even the greatest of entrepreneurs have had trouble staying inspired over a long period of time, and as a result, saw bumps and slumps in their business.

May, 30, 2016


Blue Branch: Does the Future Belong to Entrepreneurs?

With research suggesting 50% of Americans will be freelancing by 2020, Blue Branch has reviewed the upcoming entrepreneurial revolution that is taking the world by storm and its benefits.

Rania Noumaan Nominated for 2016 ‘Rookie Business Owner of the Year’ Award

Rania Noumaan, Managing Director at Edinburgh-based event marketing firm, Blue Branch was nominated for the ‘Rookie Owner of the Year’ award at the weekend’s Black Tie Awards Gala in London.

Blue Branch seek out individuals with the competitive edge

Events promotions company, Blue Branch, reveals why they are looking to attract individuals with a competitive edge.

Apr, 21, 2016


Blue Branch Investigate The Rise of Freelancers

A new study has found that 22% of employees wish they were self-employed and in control of their own working practices. Blue Branch have investigated the findings and shared why they believe self-employment is set to rise as more people seek the freedom to do things their own way.

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