Blue Branch Applaud Entrepreneur Selling Trump Loo roll at Edinburgh Festival

As a firm that fosters a culture of entrepreneurship, Edinburgh-based event-marketing specialists, Blue Branch are applauding the ingenuity of the entrepreneur, selling Donald Trump loo roll at the Edinburgh festival.

The event-marketing firm is reacting after reading an article in the Edinburgh Evening News revealed the story of Tim Baker. As thousands descend on the Scottish Capital for the world-renowned festival, Tim Baker had a genius idea. Taking a break from his day job as the owner of a marketing business, Mr Baker capitalised on the footfall to sell loo roll with Donald Trump’s face. After coming up with the idea at Christmas, Baker has been shifting a tremendous amount of product to visitors from all over the world. There are two designs, one with Trump puckering his lips and one where he is making a speech to Republicans, dressed in his trademark suit and red tie.

Baker is 100% committed to his idea, driving over 370 miles from Bristol to Edinburgh and sleeping in his van. In four days Baker sold 1000 rolls, averaging around 250 a day. Selling rolls for £3 each of 2 for £5, the Bristol-based businessman has been raking it in. Baker revealed that he had sold around 7,000 or 8,000 toilet rolls since Christmas. The venture has become so lucrative that Baker predicts he will be on the property ladder by the end of the year.

Blue Branch is applauding Mr Baker’s entrepreneurial spirit. As advocates of entrepreneurship, the event-marketing specialists read the news article with great admiration and business owner, Rania Noumaan used the story as the inspiration for one of the firm’s morning meetings.

Blue Branch offers unique and unparalleled development opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. Managing Director, Rania Noumaan is committed to helping the firm’s contractors to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

The Edinburgh-based firm operates a business development program, offering aspiring professionals the chance to learn all of the business fundamentals and what it takes to run a direct marketing firm. Blue Branch foster entrepreneurship and urge and support aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Blue Branch is an Edinburgh-based event-marketing firm. They go above and beyond to create a unique marketing service in a market overflowing with companies doing what they do. The firm are advocates of entrepreneurship, and they applaud Mr Baker for his great idea and execution.


Aug, 13, 2018