Blue Branch: How to Bounce Back From Any Mistake made in Business

Edinburgh-based Event Promotions Company Blue Branch says mistakes are never as bad as they may seem. They are part of the journey and the beginning of something great.

Making mistakes is sometimes inevitable. How someone bounces back from them determines success or failure. Rania Noumaan, owner and Managing Director of Blue Branch explains: “Making mistakes is part of the experience. The journey to entrepreneurship is full of bumps in the road and obstacles. It is crucial to look at the bigger picture, learn from it and do it better next time.” The event promotions firm has come a long way and reveals how the challenges on their way to success were not a sign to stop, but a guideline on how to continue from there.

  1. Think about why it happened

After a mistake has been established, it is important to look back and analyse the decisions made that led to it. Blue Branch says that often a decision is triggered by emotion. Determining which one that is may help recognise it sooner in the future.

  1. Get some distance

Sometimes it may turn out to be challenging to identify the reason of a mistake made. Then it is good to take a step back and look at it again with a fresh mind.

  1. Don’t make it bigger than it is

Often emotions come in the way and make mistakes look bigger than they are. Blue Branch recommends that focusing on how to fix the problem is the first step to overcoming the obstacle and get on with it.

  1. Let it go

While it is important to analyse why things went wrong, it is even more important to move on afterwards: “At some point, you need to let it go. Don’t waste your energy on it; you’ll need it for your next accomplishments”, explains Ms Noumaan.

  1. Think positive

Bouncing back may not feel right. However, it is important to think positive. Blue Branch’s Rania Noumaan adds: “You will have more experience after making a mistake, which is necessary to achieve the overall goal.

  1. Be accountable

There is no way to turn back time. Sometimes, others might be affected by the mistake. In this case, Blue Branch insists that it is crucial to own it, apologise and offer support to overcome the situation.

  1. Do it once

As terrible as it may seem to the individual who made the error, it is crucial to learn from it. Rania Noumaan says: “Only make that mistake once. Plan ahead and put processes in place to be better prepared next time so that the same error doesn’t occur repeatedly.”

Blue Branch has become one of Edinburgh’s leading event promotions companies. The firm’s unique marketing campaigns are delivered personalised on a face-to-face basis, focusing on building strong relationships with the company’s clients and consumers. Based on their on-going success, Blue Branch has recently been asked by their clients to expand into further UK markets and represent them nationwide within the next two years.