Blue Branch Celebrate Three Years in Business

On Saturday, September 30th, Edinburgh-based sales and event-marketing firm, Blue Branch celebrated their third anniversary.

It’s a common belief that the first five years in business are the hardest to navigate, however for many small business owners, they recognise the first three years to be the hardest milestone to reach.

In their third year of business, Blue Branch has gone from strength to strength, relocating to a more substantial office space as a result of business growth, to a prestigious location near Waverley train station.

The focus for year three for the event marketing specialists has been travel. Entrepreneur and director at Blue Branch, Rania Noumaan believes that travel plays an essential role in helping aspiring entrepreneurs to expand their knowledge and skill-set and to set them up for business success.

If someone stays in one location surrounded by the same people, they run the risk of beginning to adopt the same thinking and failing to see things from a different perspective. When someone travels they interact with new people and hear different opinions. “We are a product of our environments. I believe it’s vital for aspiring professionals to travel often,” commented Ms Noumaan.

In business building a reliable network of professionals can prove to be hugely advantageous. Ms Noumaan urges the firm’s staff and contractors to capitalise on every networking opportunity and travelling to new cities, and spending time at different companies provides tremendous opportunities to form new connections.

The act of travel also creates new challenges and enables someone to expand their skill set. Entering new environments and trying new challenges will teach valuable life skills.

Ms Noumaan has also been committed to developing her public speaking skills this year and has added a number of high profile speaking engagements to her profile in the last twelve months, delivering speeches at industry conferences in London and Edinburgh.

The firm’s goals over the next twelve months are to exert their dominance in the UK, turning Blue Branch into the go-to company for brands looking for a cost-effective and personalised marketing service.

Based in Edinburgh, Blue Branch is an innovative sale and event-marketing firm that works with a broad range of clients throughout Scotland. The company helps customers to boost their customer acquisition, retention, and sales through unique event marketing campaigns. The firm is looking forward to a big twelve months as they prepare to expand their market reach and grow the Blue Branch brand.

Oct, 01, 2017