Blue Branch Host Workshop Designed to Help Workforce Master the Art of Networking

“Mastering the ability to introduce yourself to people through networking, and forging relationships which have the potential to impact your future career is invaluable,” comments Rania Noumaan, Managing Director at event marketing specialist, Blue Branch.

The Edinburgh-based event-marketing specialists held a workshop this week, designed to help their workforce master the art of networking. Speaking about the workshop, Ms Noumaan stated: “I strongly believe that relationships you forge can have a dramatic impact on your success.”

During the workshop, Ms Noumaan shared her top tips for effective networking.

1/ Expand comfort zones

One of the key mistakes people make when it comes to networking is staying within their comfort zone and failing to reach out to people they wouldn’t normally associate with. “Sometimes it will be intimidating to reach out to people, however, it’s important to overcome that initial fear and expand your comfort zone.” Stated Ms Noumaan.

2/ Attend Networking Events

The workforce at Blue Branch is exceptionally fortunate to have the opportunity to frequently attend industry events, where there are tremendous opportunities to network. Ms Noumaan urges the firm’s staff and contractors to attend networking events and capitalise on every opportunity to meet with like-minded professionals and expand their network.

3/ Have a memorable handshake

A handshake is a great way to make a memorable first impression claims Ms Noumaan. The award-winning entrepreneur contends that people judge others based on their handshake. Ms Noumaan urged the firm’s workforce to have a firm handshake while making eye contact to make a strong and memorable first impression.

4/ Connect of social media

“Social media has made networking easier than ever,” argues Ms Noumaan. The business owner urges the firm’s workforce to focus on building an active LinkedIn profile to connect with people on the professional platform.

5/ Focus on quality not quantity

“A great network is not determined by numbers, but by the strengths and qualities that the people in that network bring,” claims Ms Noumaan. The Blue Branch MD contends that too often people make the mistake of going for quantity rather than quality.

Blue Branch is an Event Promotions company based in Edinburgh. Formed due to the ever-growing demand for alternative marketing strategies, Blue Branch offer client’s interactive and impactive marketing campaigns. The firm is passionate about the development of their people, and Ms Noumaan regularly holds educational workshops to assist the firm’s workforce in their business development.



May, 04, 2018