Blue Branch host workshop investigating the Grant Cardone 10X Rule

Edinburgh-based event marketing specialists, Blue Branch held a company-wide workshop this week, investigating the Grant Cardone 10X Rule.

Grant Cardone is a sales trainer, motivational speaker and entrepreneur who has worked with Fortune 100 companies such as Google to customise their sales processes and improve the customer experience.  Grant Cardone is the bestselling author of The 10X Rule and regularly host executive programs to help individuals do whatever it takes to make their lives a success.

The 10X Rule is a view taken by Grant Cardone that believes people need to take ten times more action than they initially think if they are to be successful. Most of the time, what stops people from achieving their goal is because they underestimate the time, effort and energy that is involved in seeing a goal through to the end. People don’t spend enough time listing the required steps to success and the efforts needed to overcome challenges along the way.  If success is wanted, then 10X more time, effort and energy must be put in than previously anticipated.

Outsourced sales and event marketing firm, Blue Branch believes that effective goal setting is essential for entrepreneurs within their industry and recently held a workshop on the Grant Cardone 10X Rule to help more of their sales contractors see their goals through to the end.  Blue Branch states that the process of setting goals is essential to help a person understand the why behind what they are doing, which makes it easier to stay motivated and on track when putting in 10X more effort, time, and energy.

Based in Edinburgh, Blue Branch is an innovative sales and event marketing company that provides their marketing services to a broad range of clients throughout Scotland. The company helps their clients to boost customer acquisition, retention, and sales through event marketing campaigns. With entrepreneurship and career development at the heart of Blue Branch’s business model, the firm regularly host educational workshops and seminars to help their sales contractors to learn and develop and achieve their personal and business goals.



Oct, 11, 2017