Blue Branch looking to attract top talent in Graduate Season

Edinburgh-based event marketing experts Blue Branch are looking to attract the next generation of talent to help take their business forward, and with the graduate season fast approaching, the company know exactly where to look.

Graduate Season is considered to begin at the start of June, at which time companies proceed to search for recruits, continuing this search throughout the summer months as graduates conduct their post-University job search. In preparation for the retention of these prospective recruits, Blue Branch is taking the necessary steps required to upgrade their training programs company-wide. By doing this, the firm feels they will be better equipped to accommodate and assist with the development of eager young minds fresh out of education, keen to learn the ropes of sales and marketing.

Rania Noumaan, Managing Director of the Blue Branch brand, has weighed in on how the company appreciates the raw ambition and enthusiasm graduates inject into the company. Furthermore, She recognises how acquiring top talent is vital for the business to keep moving forward in the industry, meeting their expansion goals and competing with rival service providers.

Blue Branch’s highly regarded business development opportunities are an excellent foot in the door for hard-working individuals and make the firm an ideal fit for graduates looking to comfortably and creatively transition from education to business. On the subject of effective talent acquisition, Miss Noumaan said: “We are hoping to welcome an exciting group of enthusiastic and determined young minds to our collective of committed, competitive and innovative contractors. Graduates possess all the know-how, and we are willing to provide them with the opportunities needed to gain required experience.”

Blue Branch is an Event Promotions company based in Edinburgh, formed as a result of the ever-growing demand for alternative marketing strategies. The firm proudly offers client’s interactive and effective marketing campaigns and are passionate about the development of their people. CEO Rania Noumaan is committed to sharing her knowledge and experience with team members in the interest of helping individuals expand their knowledge and skill-set to set them up for future success.

May, 23, 2018