Blue Branch promote the importance of a recognition and reward culture

Edinburgh-based events promotions firm, Blue Branch, highlight the importance of creating recognition and reward culture and claim that it is the secret to their success. 

Managing Director at Blue Branch, Rania Noumaan is urging business owners to implement a similar philosophy, showing the people they work with that they are valued and appreciated.  “Before becoming a business owner, I had experience working at places where I was just a number and felt replaceable.   I am passionate about making sure that every staff member or contractor that works with Blue Branch feels valued and rewarded for their hard work and efforts.” Said Rania Noumaan.

At Blue Branch, they have adopted a culture of recognition and reward.  They emphasise the importance of providing incentives and recognising individuals for their hard work.  The events promotions firm offers cash rewards and other incentives to encourage the people they work with to continue to perform at a high level to achieve optimum productivity.

Since their launch over two years ago, Blue Branch are continuing to go from strength to strength, extending their market reach and adding to their client portfolio and the firm attributes a large proportion of that success to their business philosophy.  At Blue Branch, they argue that when people feel appreciated for the work that they do, it prompts them to try harder.  The firm promotes the idea that offering rewards is always a strong incentive for people to push themselves to do better, and therefore impacting on turnover and profits, meaning that everyone wins.

Blue Branch state that the key to success is maintaining a high level of productivity, and that to do so it requires everyone to be at the top of their game consistently. Providing an environment where individuals are given recognition for their performance also drives productivity.  “It doesn’t necessarily have to cost money; it can be as simple as a thank you at the end of a tough day.  People just need to feel appreciated and a part of something” says Rania Noumaan.

Blue Branch is an events promotions company in Edinburgh. Formed due to the ever-growing demand for alternative marketing strategies, Blue Branch specialises in result driven, effective event marketing campaigns.  The firm offers a solution to businesses that are looking to provide an alternative opportunity to interact with their customers. Each marketing campaign is tailored to meet the individual demands of a client with the objective of developing a loyal customer base.  The events promotions specialists value every person they work with, and they argue that their culture of recognition and reward is the key to their success.

Sep, 07, 2016