Blue Branch MD Rania Noumaan attends client meeting to discuss festive marketing strategy

Blue Branch’s Managing Director, Rania Noumaan travelled to Warrington recently to attend a client meeting to discuss a new festive marketing strategy.

Rania Noumaan travelled to Warrington to meet with the firm’s telecoms client to discuss their forthcoming festive marketing strategy. With Christmas traditionally being one of the busiest times of the year for retailers, it is also a key time for event marketers with most of them generating a large volume of sales in the last financial quarter. Event promotions specialists, Blue Branch recently met with their biggest client to discuss the 2016 festive marketing strategy.

During the meeting, Rania Noumaan and a number of the telecoms providers’ Directors discussed upcoming promotions, competitive offers and advertising campaigns. The reach achieved by the client over the festive period is huge, with them having a primetime advertising campaign on one of the biggest TV shows in the country. Despite their ability to reach millions of people digitally, the firm still invests a large sum into direct marketing campaigns and their relationship with Blue Branch continues to go from strength to strength since it began over two years ago.

The meeting was attended by a number of marketing agency Directors from all over the UK in order to formulate a cohesive marketing strategy for the last financial quarter. Aside from marketing strategies, the agenda for the meeting also included deliberation over incentives and bonuses for performance during the festive period.  “We are incredibly fortunate to work with such a massive brand and one of the biggest perks is the frequent bonuses and incentives that they offer,” said Rania Noumaan. At Blue Branch, they argue that incentives prove to be motivational and can help achieve peak productivity and that is one of the reasons the firm offers regular bonuses, perks and incentives to their staff and contractors, in order to maintain maximum productivity.

Blue Branch’s Managing Director Rania Noumaan left the meeting feeling excited for the roll out of the festive marketing campaign and they are anticipating a big end to the year.

Blue Branch is an event promotions company based in Edinburgh. Formed due to the ever-growing demand for alternative marketing strategies, Blue Branch specialises in event marketing campaigns. Each marketing campaign is delivered on a face-to-face basis, letting the firm’s representatives build relationships with customers from the first point of contact at event venues. Blue Branch is a firm committed to development and growth and their business relationship with one of the UK’s leading broadband and telecoms providers has proved to be a massive success to date.