Blue Branch reveal the 7 second rule to make an impactful first impression

Knowing there is only one opportunity to make an excellent first impression is a pretty nerve-wracking concept for certain individuals. However, Blue Branch recognise the importance of getting it right the first time, and for this reason, the Edinburgh-based event marketing specialists are keen to share their sure-fire 7-second rule to making an impactful first impression.

Blue Branch have been studying the famous theory that suggests first impressions are made within 7 seconds of meeting. The firm conducts their contractor acquisition in-house, and over the course of her career Managing Director, Rania Noumaan has interviewed many nervous professionals who appeared uneasy during their meeting.

“Words and behaviours are subject to interpretation,” muses Miss Noumaan, “but first impressions count in this business. The sales and marketing industry is so fast-paced and competitive, so I want to help individuals instantly make the right impression and give off the right signals early on.”

The event marketing company have created a checklist of 7 steps to take towards building a great first impression in 7 seconds:

  1. Project warmth: make eye contact, smile when appropriate and listen without interruption
  2. Over-deliver: go beyond any expectation and give without being asked or prompted
  3. Demonstrate a We-centric culture: celebrate the strengths and achievements of others
  4. Revise your opinion of others: adopt a curiosity lens and approach situations with good intentions
  5. Demonstrate proper etiquette: Body language says a lot – sloppy timekeeping and scruffiness suggests a lack of care or interest
  6. Show kindness: showing gratitude lets people know you value their time and energy
  7. 360 feedback: Ask for input and when receiving it, manage emotions and resist the temptation to justify, defend or explain actions

Blue Branch formed due to the ever-growing demand for alternative marketing strategies and have a track record of helping professionals successfully reach their goals via ongoing coaching and mentoring. The company specialise in Event Marketing campaigns, sending clear messages directly to consumers without the use of high-cost commercial marketing strategies.


May, 23, 2018