Blue Branch Share the How-to Guide to Beat a Sales Slump

Edinburgh-based Blue Branch has developed an expertise in sales, acquiring customers for clients through tailor-made event-marketing campaigns. Managing Director, Rania Noumaan recognises that people can go through a slump and the business owner has revealed her top tips to get back on track.

Award-winning entrepreneur, Rania Noumaan is an experienced business coach and mentor. Since launching Blue Branch in 2014, Ms. Noumaan has coached numerous aspiring professionals and recognises the pitfalls that people can fall into. The business owner has shared her top tips for getting out of a sales slump.

  1. Safeguard your attitude.

“Your attitude dictates your results,” argues Ms. Noumaan. The business owner went on to state “Your attitude is within your control so safeguard it to ensure you get great results.”

At Blue Branch, they teach their contractors firstly, how to achieve a positive attitude, but more importantly, how to safeguard that attitude when things go wrong. “Anyone can have a good attitude when things are going well but being able to maintain a good attitude when things aren’t going your way is key to success,” commented Ms. Noumaan.

  1. Don’t give up.

There is a famous quote from Babe Ruth, “You just can’t beat the person who won’t give up.”

Blue Branch teach their contractors to develop a strong will and determination to keep going. There are going to be bad days, and people will go through a slump, and there will be an urge to quit, however, one sure-fire way to succeed is not to give up.

  1. Get back to basics.

When things aren’t going right, it’s often because people try and over-complicate the process. Ms. Noumaan believes that when people are going through a slump, they need to get back to basics. Positive attitude, work ethic, and time management.

  1. Ask for help.

At Blue Branch, they encourage networking. Director, Rania Noumaan believes that her coaches and mentors have had an incredible impact on her career. “Success is rarely a solo effort. If you’re struggling, don’t be afraid to ask for help,” commented Ms. Noumaan.

Blue Branch is an Edinburgh-based event-marketing firm. They go above and beyond to create a unique marketing service in a market overflowing with companies doing what they do. The firm’s Managing Director, Rania Noumaan is a dedicated business coach and mentor, and she is urging aspiring professionals to consider the above points when they are facing a slump in sales or any other endeavor.


Jul, 27, 2018