Blue Branch Urge Companies to Adopt a No Experience – No Problem Approach to Recruitment

Recruitment can be ‘make or break’ for a business. Edinburgh-based Blue Branch invest an extensive amount of time into identifying top talent, and the event-marketing specialists are urging companies to adopt a no experience – no problem approach to recruitment.

As an Architecture graduate, Managing Director at Blue Branch, Rania Noumaan entered the industry with zero experience. “Architecture is my passion, but I realised there was little prospect for progression in that field. I gained skills in hospitality, management, retail, and then decided to go travelling. I lived in both China & Holland. This helped to grow my enthusiasm for a career that allowed me the freedom to travel and network with all kinds of people,” commented Ms Noumaan.

Upon returning to Scotland, Ms Noumaan applied to an outsourced sales and marketing company that offered a challenging, competitive work environment and the opportunity to travel, making it perfectly suited to the female entrepreneur’s professional aspirations. Ms Noumaan’s own business journey made her committed to adopting a no experience – no problem approach at Blue Branch.

Director, Rania Noumaan believes that many companies miss out on talented individuals because they don’t have the right qualifications or experience. Blue Branch don’t pre-judge on education or experience. Ms Noumaan doesn’t believe that knowledge or experience is a predictor of success. They recognise the value of a degree and industry experience; however, the event-marketing specialists argue that attitude, work ethic and student mentality and the cornerstones of success. In her role as a business coach and mentor, Ms Noumaan has identified those attributes as critical components. The business owner believes that as long as someone possesses those skills, they can provide them with all of the necessary skills and knowledge to excel.

“Our policy has allowed us to acquire people from a range of backgrounds and I believe our diversity has played an integral role in our success. I would urge companies to move away from traditional recruitment methods and to look beyond the CV to see the person,” commented Ms Noumaan.

Blue Branch is an Edinburgh-based event-marketing firm, specialising in outside the box marketing solutions. They go above and beyond to create a unique service in a market overflowing with companies doing what they do. They recognise that effective recruitment is ‘make or break’ for a company and their unique approach has enabled them to attract and acquire top talent that might otherwise get overlooked because they don’t have what it takes on paper.

Sep, 06, 2018