Blue Branch’s Beginner’s Guide to Successful Visual Branding

Edinburgh-based Blue Branch release their beginner’s guide to help new business owners create a powerful brand that consumers will remember.

A brand is a fostered set of emotions and ideas that consumers associate with a company. A successful brand will live and evolve in the minds and hearts of potential customers, and 60% of consumers will pay more for a brand that they trust. With the infinite number of choices offered to consumers these days, many companies are looking for unique ways to connect emotionally with consumers. When marketing decisions are made for a brand, it is important to examine the factors associated and consistently create a message that supports and enhances the emotional relationship.

There are many areas that business owners need to consider when branding their business. In a recent article on (5 Elements of Compelling Visual Branding, 21st July, 2016), five key areas of visual branding were discussed. Event marking experts, Blue Branch, have used this discussion to create their own beginner’s guide to successful visual branding.


  1. Consistency

People lose trust when a message is inconsistent and unpredictable. If a brand doesn’t stick to one main idea, people will very quickly lose the feeling of trust and consistency that they associated with the brand.

  1. Logo

A logo is often the first thing that a consumer will associate with a company and will help them decide whether or not to purchase a product.

  1. Typography

Consistency of using the same font is essential for visual branding and it is just as important as using the same logo.

  1. Colour

Colour is one of the most important aspects of visual branding because it is one of the easiest things for a consumer to associate with a brand. Different colours convey different feelings, which will in turn generate desired reactions towards products and services.

  1. Imagery

Consistent imagery is another powerful tool; imagery can convey the lifestyle that comes along with using a product or service acquired from a brand.


Blue Branch is an event promotions company based in Edinburgh. Formed due to the ever-growing demand for alternative marketing strategies, the firm specialises in result driven, effective event marketing campaigns.

Blue Branch have created a brand that clients can trust and the firm believe that they key component for them is the people that they work with.  The firm has created an environment that attracts people from diverse educational and occupational backgrounds, who share the firm’s vision and passion for success.


Aug, 02, 2016