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Rania Noumaan

Rania Noumaan

Managing Director

Managing Director | Rania Noumaan

I studied Interior Architecture at University, it is my ultimate hobby, however, following my graduation, there was little prospect for progression in this field, so I looked into other avenues. Being competitive in nature meant that business management was of interest to me.

I gained skills in hospitality, management, retail, and then decided to go travelling. I lived in both China & Holland. This helped to grow my enthusiasm for wanting a career that allowed me the freedom to travel and network with all kinds of people. Returning to Scotland I came across the outsourced sales and marketing industry, it offered a challenging, competitive workload and the opportunity to travel, so was perfectly suited to me.

Learning everything from scratch was hugely rewarding. My future goals quickly evolved and I became focused on building my own business in this sector.

I opened Blue Branch in September 2014, starting with a strong foundation, we quickly developed a strong business in Edinburgh. We have already expanded into the U.S. with an office in Texas, and we have plans to extend our market reach throughout the UK within the next 18 months.

My future goals are:

1. An organisation of 12 offices by the time I am 35.

2. To keep creating more opportunities and changing people's lives.

3. To make Blue Branch a market leader in the UK.

The most rewarding part of our industry is the fact that I meet amazing and interesting people on a daily basis, building fantastic friendships. To train someone from the fundamentals all the way towards their new career is incredibly rewarding to me as a business owner.


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